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Tsing Hua Open-Pool Reactor (THOR)
  • National Tsing Hua University was re-established in 1956 in Hsinchu after the Republic of China moved to Taiwan in 1949. The first academic program re-instated in the University was the graduate institute of nuclear science. 
  • For the growing needs in nuclear education and research, the construction project of Tsing Hua Open-pool Reactor (THOR)  started in 1958. THOR reached its first criticality on April 13th of 1961.


        ●Construction started in 1958
        ●First criticality reached in 1961
        ●Old analog control system upgraded to digital control system in 1993
        ●Major core components replaced in 1998
        ●Thermal power uprated from 1 MW to 2 MW in 1998
        ●Operation license renewed for ten more years in 2001
        ●2nd Operation license renewed for ten more years in 2011