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Tsing Hua Open-Pool Reactor (THOR)
Major Task
  • Be engaged in nuclear reactor related research.

          Boron neutron capture therapy

          Neutron activation analysis

          Neutron scattering and diffraction

          Nuclear safety, aging management, power uprate etc.


  • Provide irradiation services.

          Materials characterization

          Archaeological dating

          Environmental trace element analysis

          Isotope production (ex. 131I capsule and 131I hipuric acid)


  • Offer reactor training courses and nuclear energy related information upon request.
National Tsing Hua University
Nuclear Science and Technology Development Center
Nuclear Reactor/Isotope Division
Tel:03-5713849(Reactor); 03-5725974(Isotope)
Fax:03-5713849(Reactor); 03-5725974(Isotope);